DOTHAN, ALABAMA              MAY 30, 2020





In its 17th year, the TriStates 100 was inspired by a young girl who in the midst of her battle with cancer, always put others before herself. The Dawn Pitchford Fund of Children’s Hospital benefits from ride proceeds and helps children like Dawn and their families with non-medical needs. Dawn’s Mother Janice Pitchford recently said about Ride Director, Joe Varner:

Joe Varner is one of those super heroes. He is humble, unselfish, giving, and just an all around great guy who lives out his faith every day.”

At the heart of this event’s organization, Joe is known across the State as a strong cyclist, true and honest friend, and supportive partner in the Alabama Backroads Century Series. Because of the qualities that Janice mentioned, co-workers, bike club members, friends and family are drawn to support the ride.

RIDE DAY!  No rain! No storms! Yay!  But the heat made it tough for sure! With 366 registered riders, we had 205 successful Centurions, well over the normal 50%

We can’t say enough about the folks at Bethel Baptist Church who laid out a wonderful hot breakfast spread, and then a delicious spaghetti lunch. There was no lack of energy as Buffalo Rock soft drinks and Aquafina water were iced and the TriStates check-in crew and ABCS Staff got set up to greet returning cyclists.

The wave send-off with support of Dothan Area Police went perfectly according to plan!                                  Click on the below photo to see the Photo Album:

It’s always great to see happy people return from their rides and we sure saw many of them at TriStates! Wonderful routes! Super Rest Stops & Volunteers! Great route markings and food!

And the Series is so very fortunate to have these awesome ladies to greet you at the end of your ride! Check out Marsha’s granddaughters who came to help at TriStates! THANK YOU Marsha, Sue, Kathy, Nancy, and Madi & Emily!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to Robert Traphan, who puts much time behind the scenes into promoting and organizing our ABCS! Kudos to him and MBC and DAC members on their Workers Ride so they could help on ride day!


Click on above pic of Allen & Pam ONeal to see the Award Photos by Nancy Melkerson & Marsha Burt.



RSVP to the TriStates 100 Ride with GPS event to enable FREE premium features such as spoken turn-by-turn directions, download support for offline navigation, the TriStates Leaderboard, and PDF printing when you RSVPs to the Event. These enhanced features are provided for free from our friends at the Montgomery Bicycle Club.



28 –

42.7 –

63 –

104 –

The routes are marked on the road in the color that matches your route.
* 104 mile is White….Keep in mind that most of the rest stops have relocated from last year.
* 63 mile is RED……this route has changed a lot from last year.   You get to visit Florida!
* 42 is YELLOW….this route has changed
* 28 is BLUE…..this route has changed and has a short out and back section to the rest stop at Antioch Church



As the 5th event in this year’s Series, the TriStates 100 definitely raised the bar of excellence! From start to finish, Ride Director Joe Varner and his volunteer staff with Children’s of Alabama and Bethel Baptist Church provided organized pre-registration at Academy Sports and Courtyard by Marriott. Saturday morning breakfast was plentiful and lunch was nothing short of perfect. The send-off of riders went very smoothly with support from Dothan Police and you can enjoy some photos below of headquarters and cyclists:

Click photo above to see pics of Headquarters & Start.

Reports back to headquarters said there was plentiful food and ICE as well as iced towels at rest stops…and special compliments came in about the Montgomery Bicycle Club rest stop, serving hot dogs and Gatorade slushies!

New this year was the addition of local Ham Radio operators. It was great training for them and a super addition to the ride!  Cheerleaders of many types were abundant!


Bike Clubs from across the state took time to pose for these great photos before rolling out.

Birmingham Bicycle Club



Montgomery Bicycle Club

Cycle Clubs-Huntsville Tuscaloosa





Numbers surged to 459 registered riders (an all-time record for this 16th annual event!), with 234 completing the century route! Centurions are listed to the right. Let us know if you see any mistakes at  You can click on the photo below to see the Awards Photo Album:

Click above to see Award Photos.






Beyond expectations, our TriStates 100 put on their best event ever and broke attendance records despite a slightly gloomy weather forecast. Registered riders numbered 425 from 10 states and nearly 70% completed the century route!

DETAILS was the word of the day with an early morning sack breakfast supplied by host hotel, Courtyard by Marriott (they also included a body wash sample for a post-ride shower!) As with the two pre-registration sites, Academy Sports and Courtyard, ride day registration went smoothly and cyclists enjoyed a hot breakfast of pancakes and sausage prepared by headquarter host Bethel Baptist Church members.

The new wave start saw slightly foggy conditions and despite a small glitch with the first group, all went very well and added a super element of safety to the day’s start and ride. As always, the leadership and popularity of Director Joe Varner was evident as volunteers were abundant and riders called him by name.  Reports from cyclists as they rolled back in during the morning were that volunteers were oh so friendly and helpful and rest stops stocked with just what they needed!  Rest station volunteers were mainly from Oncology Supply and Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

Our ABCS Support Staff members Marsha Burt and Terrie Hinton enjoyed the 27-mile route before heading back in to welcome riders.






We send a huge THANK YOU to Robert & Bonnie Traphan for their behind-the-scenes support in getting our sign-in app ready to go, sending newsletters & surveys and sharing the spirit of the Series by pedaling that tandem 100 miles at our rides!  And we can’t thank our other volunteers enough, Faith Stockton and Anita Patel, for putting in a long day… checking in folks, and awarding medals and patches!  Congrats to those who accomplished their 4th century in the Series:

Wesley Reynolds, Tim Benefield, Thomas Sharp, Stewart Wright, Larry Murphy, Larry Head, Ken Underwood, Kathy Welch, David & Joshua McCarty, Jason Hallmark, Candace Akerson, Vince Flores, Steve Parker, Gabby Moody, Demetrious White, Bonnie Traphan

On the lookout for Bib #41 after the drawing for the Four Corners Gallery unique and personal framed remembrance, we had the pleasure of taking these photos, one of which  will be included in the beautiful framed piece.

Congratulations Sterling Catterton!

Sterling Catterton from Arkansas!

It certainly held true that TriStates is one of our flatter and faster rides in the Series! These were some of the first returning cyclists with a time of just over 4 hours 20 minutes:

Ashley Folkes, David Wanhatalo, Felix Chen

Tony Robbins

First Female: Roxanne Smith















Again back to the details provided at this event!  Chocolate milk for everyone! Home made spaghetti lunch by Bethel Baptist Church members! Moe’s Southwest Grill Burritos and pizza by Marco’s Pizza!

We love these great “Spirit Pics” taken as riders came in!

Mandy Nichols-6 DONE!

Karen Clanton-Mandys riding partner!








Jeffery Pratt-6 DONE!


Click right here one this pic to see Marsha’s TriStates Awards photos!

Click above for ride start photos.

As always, Century finishers are listed to the right on this page. If you have any corrections, please let us know:



RSVP to the TriStates 100 Ride with GPS event to enable premium features such as spoken turn-by-turn directions and offline download capabilities.



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4 Responses to TRI-STATES 100

  1. Ed Schevey says:

    Great Ride, a very challenging Century Ride. SAG support was great, well stocked Rest Stops with friendly enthusiastic people. This was my first but definitely not my last. I look forward to doing this again next Year, hopefully I can bring some friends along as well. The Charity that you have aligned with is well worth the price of the entry fee alone. Kudos to all involved, a Good Job all around! .

  2. Terry Edwards says:

    Thank you

  3. Randy Jensen says:

    I want to thank all the volunteers for being givers.

    On the 100-mile route I felt bad for the 1st rest stop crew who set up at the wrong spot (a location on last year’s route I was told). I knew they must have felt horrible about it, and as I peddled along I wanted to say “It’s okay, you were with the riders in spirit and we were all thinking about you.” One of the SAG wagon drivers set up an impromptu water station to make sure everyone was hydrated and otherwise safe. He was standing on the back of his truck dripping sweat but busily pouring water into bottles of huddled up eager riders. It reminded me of a mother bird feeding a gang of hungry babies, all ganged up with their beaks open waiting to be filled. He was selfless!

    What can I say about the staff at the start/finish? Everyone was so pleasant and cheerful. The food? It was prepared as a labor of love, and it tasted and filled accordingly. The food was great! It was also very much appreciated that we had the wonderful facilities to use at Bethel Baptist church. Oh, and not to forget the gal at the last stop who insisted on giving everyone high fives. What a ball of energy she is, and the rest of that crew too!

    Thanks so much everyone. For so many reasons your work was a labor of love, something we can never share or have to much of. All of your are fantastic!

  4. Pam Paulk says:

    I did the 30 miles and it was great. great start and finish location. very good course for us shorter distance riders. well marked. Hope to come again next year.

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