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Celebrating their 10th annual ride to benefit the Urology Health Foundation, Tour de Blue presented a festive atmosphere at their Moody High School venue with tons of Chick-fil-A biscuits and fresh coffee to prime their riders for an awesome sendoff!  We were not disappointed in Ride Organizer John Halsey’s raucous and enthusiastic words in greeting nearly 300 cyclists and all were happy to hear from Dr. Moody showing appreciation for support of the Foundation.

Riders later reported the first part of the ride was pretty nicely eased by a tailwind, but after that, things got ugly with very gusty headwinds. Well-stocked rest stops and friendly volunteers helped to relieve the pain at least for a while. Photographer Tracey White was on the route and saw many working together to plow through the wind.

Be sure to visit Tracey’s website at

Click above for photos by Tracey White.

Shorter-distance riders began rolling back in at the school about 11 am, timing it perfectly to enjoy visiting with fellow riders while enjoying a great lunch by Jim ‘N Nick’s…400 lunches were delivered to make sure to cover everyone and their great volunteers!  Ice cream bars and ice cold chocolate milk were a big hit as temps continued to climb.

Our first century riders worked hard to finish their 106-mile century in 5 1/2 hours!

Tony Robbins, Randy Kerr, Terri Sullivan, and Brian Toone

By late afternoon, we knew cyclists were worn out and hot but you sure wouldn’t know it by their smiling faces as our photographer Marsha Burt snapped hundreds of Award photos! Our ABCS Support Staff of Marsha, Faith Stockton, Kathy Thornton, and Amy White enjoyed some nice quiet time before the storm of century riders began streaming in.  There was no stopping after that and we thank them as well as Robert and Bonnie Traphan who set up our new sign-in method.

Award Photos by Marsha Burt!

Click on photo to see all the great pics!


Riders of the Week: We’re sending a shout out to Chris Cole and Mandy Nichols as our Riders of the Week. Chris not only worked both registration sites for TdB, but on ride day refused to leave his partner Mandy in her determination to complete her 3rd century in the Series.

Chris Cole and Mandy Nichols – Congratulations to you both!

Pose of the Week:

Steve Justice – How many times did he practice this in front of the mirror?!

Celebrating its 10th year, the Tour de Blue supports the Urology Health Foundation‘s prostate cancer screening and awareness efforts across Alabama.The courses are scenic, and the rest stops are staffed with happy folks eager to help you enjoy your day of cycling. Your contribution helps those who are at the greatest risk of developing prostate cancer. If you can’t ride but want to donate to the Urology Health Foundation, please go to our Donate Page and give any amount you choose. Thank you!


106-mile route – Ride with GPS

76-mile route – Ride with GPS

50-mile route – Ride with GPS

RSVP to the Tour de Blue Ride with GPS event to enable premium features such as spoken turn-by-turn directions and offline download capabilities.

About the Urology Health Foundation: The Tour de Blue supports the Urology Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2003 by the Birmingham urologist Dr. Thomas E. Moody. A large part of the Foundation’s work has been devoted to promoting public awareness about prostate cancer and to providing free prostate cancer screenings across the State of Alabama, especially in underserved areas that are at highest risk. Since 2007, the Urology Health Foundation has screened thousands of men free for prostate cancer in 19 different Alabama counties.

Your Participation Will:

Help educate men and their families about the importance of early detection for prostate cancer

Help men at greatest risk in Alabama get access to free prostate cancer screenings

The Urology Health Foundation is a locally based non-profit, and your dollars will stay here in Alabama.

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2 Responses to TOUR DE BLUE

  1. Jimmy Lumley says:

    Using the Red Diamond Campus as the Ride Headquarters for the Tour de Blue set the stage for a great century. The volunteer support group were friendly and helpful. The sag wagons patrolled the course on a regular basis to provide mechanical assistance to bikers and to offer bottles of water (which were much needed in the heat of the day). The course was routed over the rolling hills in and around Moody, Alabama, located North-East of Birmingham. The roads passed through patches of shaded areas which proved to be refreshing in the heat of the day. Some of the ridges offered astounding views of the valley. The elevation was well over 5000 feet and the grades of some of the hills ranged from 8% to 15% (according to Garman), which made the course challenging to an average biker. Overall this was a great, well-planned course. I recommend to centurions that it be included in centuries to ride in 2016.

  2. Thank you Jimmy for this great review of Tour de Blue! We sure appreciate your time in sharing your view on the rides you’ve done in the Series and hope to see you at many more.

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