ELKMONT, ALABAMA          MAY 4, 2019





MAY 4, 2019

We seem to be in a slump when it comes to ride weekend weather, but thanks to the quick-thinking of our Spring Krusher Ride Directors, Liz Howell and Rusty DeShazo, a near-genius idea gave our riders the chance to get in a ride yet keep everyone close to headquarters to bring them in quickly in the case of impending severe storms.

Yep, here they are on a much prettier day!

All cyclists registered for the century were fairly given the title of Krusher Centurion whether they chose to ride or not…and are hugely thanked by Executive Director, Darin Geiger for their support of Family Services Center, Inc.! The list is to the right on this page. If we missed someone, please let us know at bamabackroads@gmail.com  If you didn’t receive your medal, check in with us at our May 19th Cheaha Challenge.

Our ABCS Photographers, Marsha Burt & Terrie Hinton hit the road to grab some photos and soon called in the wanderings of two notorious bicyclists who although quickly lost, were eventually found.

Ham Radio, Rest Stop, & SAG volunteers remained on the 34-mile course as cyclists completed as many loops as safely possible before the storms rolled back in. Kudos to Huntsville Cycle Club members Julio Driggs and Lance Classen for manning their rest stop for as long as needed!

A big THANK YOU to these two ladies for their great photos throughout the course!

Marsha Burt & Terrie Hinton


Proceeds from this ride benefit the counseling program at Family Services Center, Inc.  The counseling program provides affordable, professional mental health counseling to residents of Madison County and the surrounding areas.  For more information regarding counseling and other services offered by Family Services Center, please visit our website at www.fsc-hsv.org

Come join us for this tour of Limestone County and the surrounding areas, with some of the best cycling in the Southeast, featuring a brand new route for 2019, taking all riders right past the Kreme Delite, where it all got started. Make plans to join us now! from 3 different distances: 31, ~64 and ~100 miles. Each course will be challenging but manageable! Low traffic. Post ride food and the now famous build your own ice cream sundae bar!


Chris Cole & Tom Fluker


Really good route Liz, well done.
Few dogs, 4 deer and a skunk waiving his tail at us.
Glad to get to know Tom, always nice to ride at a pace both are happy with, looking at scenery. Great ride today on the Spring Krusher Century.

1.  Route was great. Really enjoyed the roads and scenery.

2.  Weather was great. Especially starting at 0600. So we had lots of shade on the tree lined lanes since the sun wasn’t too high in the sky most of the ride.

3.  Great getting to know Chris better. Excellent riding partner. I’m always leery of riding with someone faster than me, but he never forced me out of doing my normal ride. It was very relaxing and enjoyable which is what I’m going for.

– Tom



EVENT –  https://ridewithgps.com/events/83290-spring-krusher-2019#routes/29816250/preview

RSVP –  https://ridewithgps.com/auto_approve/Event/83290/rbKjVWHJWm37pcWuEVENT –

2019 Spring Krusher Century Rev3 (100.2) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29816250

2019 Spring Krusher Metric Rev 2 (62.8) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29816343

2019 Spring Krusher 30 Rev1 (34.0) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29816378

All new route takes all riders right past the Kreme Delite, where it all got started.


Let’s talk about SAG… We’ll have 3 experienced SAG drivers and bike mechanics dedicated to the metric and full century routes. Thanks to Jory Mitchell of Southern Carnage, Brooke Pate from Blevins Bicycle and Tom Robichaux from Bicycle Cove! We didn’t forget our riders doing the shorter course either – Rusty DeShazo has agreed to SAG for you! Let’s hope you don’t need them, but it’s good to know they’re there if you do!

Except for the initial storm, I quite enjoyed the ride, rain and all. Stopped to take pictures several times, which I probably would not have done on a clear day with lots of riders.
The volunteers were excellent. Road markings were very clear. The selection and quantity of snacks available at the rest stops is among the best. The rolling rest stops are a brilliant idea.
As a cyclist, to see wonderful things and experience beautiful environments one must occasionally ride on roads with surfaces that are not ideal. Bumpy roads can lead to great adventures and this ride is a great adventure.
nice job considering the weather threw a curve ball at the riders
Special thanks to Brooke for helping me out with my flat tire in the rain. It was a miserable day but that made completing the 103 mile course that much more meaningful.
Great job considering all the challenges you had with the weather!