CHILDERSBURG, ALABAMA               MARCH 16, 2019



There’s nothing like kicking off the ABCS season with a flawless event! Sure, the day was chilly AND windy, but over 300 cyclists rolled out with smiling faces and by day’s end, those smiles were even broader! Support Staff hit the road to offer SAG and Rest Stop assistance and still others were on hand to grab an amazing numbers of photos. Back at  Grist Mill Headquarters, our ABCS Staff set up to greet finishers and RR folks converted the Breakfast setting to Lunch set-up. Ride Directors Billy and Stephanie Ritch had been on site since mid-week hauling equipment, Pork & Pedal catering supplies & food , finishing route markings, and smoking the awesome pork & chicken they are known for.

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Many 2018 ABCS CHAMPIONS made an appearance as well as those from previous years. CHAMPIONS are those who pedal at least 10 of our Series century routes during a season.

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Several Bike Clubs stepped up to support Restoration Ride Rest Stops

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By Marsha Burt, Nancy Melkerson, and Terrie Hinton

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By Marsha Burt and Nancy Melkerson

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From Ride Director Billy Ritch:

Well folks….the Restoration Ride 19, The Finale is in the books! Riders came from several states and made our last event definitely one to remember! Stephanie Smith Ritch and I appreciate the support Cyclist have provided over the last 5 yrs and I know the folks at the Childersburg Kymulga Grist Mill and Park sure do. The Mill has changed a good bit over the last 5 yrs and alot of it was made possible by cyclist choosing to spend their day out riding a bike around Talladega County. We would like to mention a few folks that have been with this ride from day 1, giving their time and effort to help ensure its success. Alan Laytham has helped make this event happen, in so many ways….from course layout, to jersey/bib design, to bringing on sponsorships and in 2016, even added a second event by bringing a Sunday of racing to the Gristmill. Jeffrey White, came out of the blue and brought his knowledge of emergency medical assistance, knowledge of the area, and later on became known for his ability to manage SAG and medical support, not only for the RR but for many events on a state and national level. Pixie Hicks and her outstanding team of volunteers with the Alabama Backroads Century Series came out and worked hard welcoming riders in and pushing them to reach their cycling goals. Laura Lindstamer Dix came on board and assisted and eventually started working with the rest stops and helping them pick up supplies and taking care of any issues that may arise during the day. Also, we appreciate the assistance from other cycling events and clubs in the area, (Birmingham Bicycle ClubTuscaloosa Cycle ClubMontgomery Bicycle ClubMagic City Cycliad 2019) that many times provided much needed material or assistance in helping the RR have a successful event and continue to grow over the years. Lastly, I would thank Mr Tom Seest, a sponsor and great friend from the very beginning of the RR. He and his wife Martha has supported this ride in every way possible and in my opinion, without his support, not sure we would have made it through the first yr much less 5. I know there are many more deserving of thanks for all they have done, and please know Stephanie Smith Ritch and I appreciate it. Keep an eye out for some upcoming changes on the RR Facebook page, as well as some lucky folks who will be named as winners of a few giveaways from the weekend! Thanks again everyone…….See you soon!!!









Family Out & Back 8 –    Red road markings

33 Mile Route –      Blue road markings

70 Mile Route –      Yellow road markings

Century Course –       White road markings

Once again, HAM radio operators will be stationed at each rest stop as well as a driver, assisting you to quickly return to headquarters if needed.

Both Alabama State Troopers and County Sheriffs Officers will be on site.




The long-awaited kick-off event of the 2018 season was one to make the Series proud!  Weather forecasts went back & forth with predictions of rain, but we feel sure everyone who came was sure glad they did. Numbers increased from 260 to nearly 400 with 168 Centurions!

As you can imagine, organizing all of our rides is really a year-long process for our Ride Directors. Once the event is over, planning begins again for the following year. But, the real pressure hits them the few days just before you arrive. Our RR Directors, Billy and Stephanie Ritch were hit with the news of Steph’s Mother going in for emergency surgery. By Friday they both were called to the hospital and had to leave final preparation in the hands of our friend, Jeffrey White and the Kymulga Mill and other volunteers and WOW! What an amazing job they did!

Breakfast was all that was promised with a mouthwatering spread of delicious food!

Breakfast at Kymulga Grist Mill Pavilion

And did you know it was St. Patrick’s Day?

Stephen Peters and Jeffrey White in the spirit of green.

Ryan Morrison bagpipe Send-Off









Awesome Community Support from Verizen setting up wifi, Alabama State Troopers, Childersburg Rescue Squad, and even more!



The send-off went smoothly and the rain stayed at mist level with comfortable temps.

Click above pic for Ride Start photos.




 We heard great things about the rest stops offering plenty of goodies and friendly, helpful volunteers!  And the Buffalo Rock signage and beverages were plentiful!

Birmingham Bicycle Club

Montgomery Bike Club

BBC members escorted the last riders in and looks like a good time was had by all!

Chris Baldwin, Sam Kessler, Carla Randolph, Donna LaBresh, Leslie Ledbetter, Karen Clanton, Chris Cole, and Bo Bozeman

 We were so proud to see so many of our 2017 Champions in their jerseys!

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Congratulations to everyone on your super accomplishments whether it was a century or shorter route. And, most of all, we send huge compliments to organizers and support crew who put on such a fantastic first event of the season!

Restoration Ride Centurions are listed to the right.  Please write with corrections.



Restoration Ride is a non-competitive cycling event, being held in order to raise money for the restoration and daily operation of the Kymulga Grist Mill and Park. This is one of the oldest historical landmarks in Talladega County and sits on the Talladega Creek in Alpine, Alabama, just outside of Childersburg. Built in 1864, the Mill was damaged by flood water a few years ago and while many improvements and repairs have been completed, there is still much more required in order to have the mill fully operational as was back in its day. Currently, visitors can enter the mill and see where mill was ground and packaged, view the equipment and hear mill volunteers provide a history of the mill and how it operates. Visit the store and purchase home made honey butter, hand made crafts as well as Mill tee shirts. After your ride and tour of the mill, check out the 5+ miles of walking trails, canoeing and camping areas!
On event day, 6-7:15 am CST, a home cooked breakfast consisting of hot and fresh scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, homestyle potatoes and biscuits are served to ensure you are fueled up before beginning your day of cycling! After completing your route of choice, return to the mill for a post ride lunch of smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken, green beans, deviled eggs, coleslaw and bread, as well as some great home made desserts. For our vegan friends, there will be a couple of vegan options as well.
All proceeds, after expenses, go directly to the mill. Please visit our Facebook page and make plans to join us for our 4th Annual Restoration Ride!



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