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With 664 participants in 2014, the Hot Hundred is the sole fundraiser for the Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance and also supports the advocacy efforts of the Druid City Bicycle Club.  We appreciate each of our participants for taking part in the 2014 event!

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Join us for the 13th annual Hot Hundred, with headquarters at the University of Alabama Rec Center.  We’ll have plenty of parking, plus showers, lunch, and swimming after your ride.  Pedal past historic Denny Chimes and Bryant Denny Stadium!

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The Hot Hundred is known for its excellent support both on the road and at Rest Stops. DCH Sports Trainers station at each stop and also in one of our SAG vehicles to offer assistance…after all we are the Hottest Ride in the South and do everything possible to keep you safe.  We even set up ice tubs to toss you into and provide ice towels to get you back on the road!  Over 20 volunteer ham radio operators stage on the route, in SAG vehicles and at aid stations to assist with communications.  How will you know our support vehicles?  There’s no missing them since they all have flashing amber lights atop their cars and trucks!  You will also see our Tuscaloosa Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and Alabama State Troopers on the road watching out for you.  Having mechanical issues? Flag us down and get some help from our VeloCity Pro Cycle mechanics.  We enjoy awesome support from our Tuscaloosa community!


Ride Descriptions & Downloadable Maps

The Crimson Tide 29 – follow white road markings out & back

Starting at the UA Rec Center, enjoy the roll through Crimson Tide Country, passing Denny Chimes and Bryant Denny Stadium.  The first mile+ is considered a Neutral Start and cyclists must remain behind the pace car until reaching Capitol Park…this is where the century ride begins.  29-milers, you have a nice, flat out & back with theBlack Warrior Rest Stop at the halfway point!

Ride with GPS link

Up Dry Creek Without a Paddle 36 – follow white road markings to 1st Rest Stop – then blue road markings – all distances follow white markings from last Rest Stop back to Headquarters.

Get ready!  This is your first climb and it’s a long one!  Just past our first Rest Stop, you’ll hang a right onto Hwy. 11…then, a ways up the road, you’ll take another right onto Dry Creek.  It’s a long climb so use your gears or get off and hike it some.  But it’s all downhill from there…yeah, sure.  You’ve heard that one before, haven’t you!

Ride with GPS link

The Frog Ridge Croaker 52 – follow white road markings to 1st Rest Stop – then orange road markings– all distances follow white markings from last Rest Stopback to Headquarters.

Here ya go with a few more climbs, but beautiful countryside!  The best part about the Croaker is our Romulus Volunteer Fire Station Rest Stop.  These folks love the Hot Hundred and will go out of their way to provide what you need.  VeloCity Pro Cycle will have a mechanic stationed here if you need assistance…from there, he will work his way up the road to keep an eye out for you.

Ride with GPS link

Crazy Like a Foxfire 71 – follow white road markings to 1st Rest Stop – then green road markings– all distances follow white markings from last Rest Stopback to Headquarters.

Enjoy more beautiful, quiet roads…but, beware…you are entering Greene County, notorious for some rough roads.  The upside?  Pampering at our Bethel Rest Stop!     A team of DCH Sports Trainers awaits you there with a misting station and cold, wet towels to cool you down.  Trainers are also stationed at our other Rest Stops to help you with any over-heating issues.

Ride with GPS link

The Hellishly HOT HUNDRED +3 – follow white road markings to 1st Rest Stop – then red road markings– all distances follow white markings from last Rest Stopback to Headquarters.

Yep!  If the 103 miles is your goal, chances are good it’s gonna be hellishly hot!  You’ve gotta be tough to accomplish this one!  Remember, you need to reach mile 31 by 9:30 or may be asked to opt for the 71-mile route.  Our volunteers at White Oak Church and Johnson Hill UMC will be waiting with cold drinks, ice, fruit, and everything you need to boost your energy and push through.  And, yes, next is the famous Bethel Church Rest Stop!

Ride with GPS link


Volunteer Opportunities – Interested in helping before, during, and after the Hot Hundred?  Click here for online sign up.


Comments or questions?  Write us at

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