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     THE 14TH ANNUAL, an EPIC RIDE, 7.30.16

HH organizersRegistration

 Hot Hundred Support Staff and Embassy Suites Registration

The Hot Hundred may not have lived up to its name the “Hottest Ride in the South!” but still topped out at 93 degrees and feels like temp of 100!  In general, riders tolerated the heat well with DCH Sports Trainers keeping them cooled down with their well-known ice towels and pampering. As with previous Series events, the number of Centurions was close to half of the total number registered of 623….. 309 medals were awarded!

Photographers Rose and Gerome Gacula have posted some great video and photos to our Facebook page.


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We were happy to see some large groups from area clubs and organizations.





The Hot Hundred has always been known for its community support and thank so many individuals, clubs, and Tuscaloosa organizations for putting on a fun and safe ride with no major accidents.

The Hot Hundred is a premier cycling event for all ages and experience levels. Proceeds benefit the Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance and support the individual and families facing the challenges of mental Illness!

What started as a club ride for local cyclists has become a premier event that attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over the United States.  The Hot Hundred started with a registration total of 78 riders in its first year and has quickly grown to over 600 riders in 2015.



Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization.



These are all updated now with Rest Stops added into the cues  (both going out and coming back) plus a CAUTION where the police escort ends.

This is the RSVP link for anyone that wants spoken cues during the ride.

RSVP to the Hot Hundred event …

The Crimson Tide 29

Up Dry Creek Without a Paddle  (36)

Frog Ridge Croaker  (52)

Crazy Like a Foxfire   (71)

The Hellishly Hot Hundred + 3  (103)


2015 Ride Report and Photos 

With ‘feels like” temps reaching 102 degrees, the Hot Hundred support crew was really on their toes on Ride Day.  By Thursday, DCH Sports Trainers put out the word that the famous “ice tubs” would need to increase in numbers, especially at ride headquarters.  Organizers scrambled to add more and more ice chests to provide ice for not only riders, but ice tubs and ice towels.  SAG drivers were coached on how to recognize overheating issues and how to treat problems on-the-road.  Yes, a number of people were wise enough to take a ride either to a rest stop or back to headquarters to enjoy a dip in the Rec Center pool.

Tuscaloosa Police, County Sheriffs, and State Highway Patrol were on duty all day and Tuscaloosa DOT provided for the closure of Jack Warner Parkway.  It was truly a community-supported event!

Registration reached a whopping 614 and an amazing 308 bicyclists completed a very tough course with a good number of miles pedaled on rough roads in extreme temps!  You gotta be tough to finish this ride and we send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all who accomplished it!

Many thanks to our ABCS Sign-In Crew and Photographers:  Marsha Burt, Karrie Schwerin, and Rose & Gerome Gacula!

Click on any of these for a nice LARGE view!

Larry & Kyle Murphy:text

Bobby Nebhut:text Bradley Vinz:text Bradley Vinz & Paul Youngblood:text Brett Stark:text Cally Schisler:text Candace Akerson:text Chris Hoggle:text Clay Maddox:text Cynthia Harris:text David Moseley:text Deana Atkins:text Don Clemons:text Edwin Martin:text Erica Mejia:text Glenn Baird:text IMG_6207 IMG_6223 James Cook:text Jason Hallmark:text Jeanne & Mark Davis:text Joe & Ashton Varner:text John Bond:text Joseph Jackson:text Kathryn Thornton:text Ken Moore:text Kyle Murphy:text Laura Fennell:text Lynn Mckelvey:text Misty Haskins & Steven Haskins:text Paul Youngblood:text Robert & Bonnie Traphan:text Scott Eason:text Steve Perkins & Jason Hallmark:text Walter Hutchens:textSteve Perkins:text  Walter Kennedy:text Wes Moore:text

Ace Necaise:text  Alton Abrams:text  Anne Smith:text  Blake Owen:text Bryan Chace:text Cameron Owen:text Channing Senn:text Charles Major:text Craig Snell:text Dana Hornady:text Dean Leader:text Edward Shipman:text Eric Murray:text Geoffrey Humber:text IMG_6139(2) IMG_6102 James Adams:text James Baker:text  GroupJames Johnson:text Jeffrey Simon:text Jody Coombs:text Joey Whitaker:text John Melkerson:text Katherine Nichols:text Keith Burt:text Kingsley Pacquette:text Mark Beresford & Mark Jacobs:text Mike Apple:text Mike Ward:text Patricia Stephens & Scott Mozingo:text Paul Holsinger:text Peter Sartino:text Ramona Bryant:text Ricky & Reese Sisco:text Ronnie Russell:text Bill Dennis:text Barry Cato:text Austin Raney:text Ashley Bruette:text Amos Mitchim & Taylor Kitchens:text Allen Yates:text Alan Sanders:text Fred King:text Bill Stockton & Kathy Welch:text Bob Grubbs:text Brian Moran:text Brian Toone:text Bryan Heaton:text Chad Hathorne:text Charles Palmeter:text Chip Magner:text Christopher Reeves:text Christopher Soltas:text Conner Peterson:text Daniel Burton, Rick Swagler, Tracy & Russell Fulmer Daniel Earnest:text Dave Casebeer:text David Emery:text David Hartman:text David Knox:text David Machell:text David Mayeux:text David Stankard:text David Stout:text Dean Phillips:text Demetrious White:text Don Polk:text Donald Crabtree:text Fred Keith:text Fred Twilley:text Gabby Moody:text Gary Berg:text Gerome Gacula & Rose:text Greg Brinkman:text Greg Caldwell:text Gregg Bray:text Jack Barrow:text Jason Robins:text Jason Williams:text JD Hudson:text Jeff Schrimscher:text Jeffrey Brooks:text Jennifer Will & Richard Cables:text Jessica & Brett Hulgan:text Jim Cockrell:text John Clark:text John Davidson:text John Halsey:text John Hanna:text John Passwater:text John VanValkenburg:text Johnathon McGee & Chad Briggs:text Joseph Pate:text Justin Ladner, Brian Toone, John Hanna:text Justin Ladner:text Kale Frames:text Kandas Cavender:text Kenneth McDaniel:text Kenneth Swanson:text Kristy Tippey:text Luke Caldwell:text Margot Andison:text Max Britton:text Michael Boyd:text Mike McCrocklin:text Mike Metasavage:text Morris Judah:text Neil Perez:text Nick Kirby:text Nick Thornton:text Patrick Williamon:text Paul LaBorde:text Paul McCracken:text Phillip Townsend:text Randal Crow:text Randy Charles:text Randy Jensen:text Ray Harrison & Demetrious White:text Rej Jones:text Roberto Aldo Yburan:text Roger Larsen:text Ross Daniel:text Scott Medders:text Scott Thomas:text Sean Benjamin:text Stan Muse:text Steve York:text Stewart Wright:text Susan & David Chandler:text Terri and Tony Robbins:text Terri Sullivan:text Thomas & Christopher Calamari:text Thomas FlukerSusi Bowermaster:text Tim and Gabby:text Tim Benefield:text Tim Hall:text Timothy & Ken McOmber:text Timothy Kall:text Tommy Watkins & Christopher Grund:text Tony Robbins:text Tracy & Russell Fulmer:text Vic Camp:text Wayne Spooner:text Wendy Davis:text Will Jones:text William Strous:text


I just wanted to tell your staff I do many century rides all over the SE and the Hot Hundred, although always brutal heat and windy, is the most organized, best sag supported, enjoyable ride I do. The people are great, your food and medical team is great. You all do a wonderful job and I just wanted to commend you! See you next year!

Jason Williams

Hey gang,
Thanks for a great ride Saturday.  I’m sure behind the scenes things were not as smooth as they appeared to me, a rider. But from my point of view,  this was a perfect ride and event.
From the ease of checking in, to the preride snacks, to the lead out, to the well marked route to the aid stations, to the finish line, and the food and refreshments …. all perfect.
I really don’t ķnow how much work goes into such an event, but I do know that if it runs smoothly from a riders prospective,  there has been a LOT of effort in the planning and execution.  Thank you for all the hard work and for keeping us safe.
Please thank your teams and your sponsors for all they did.
Chad Hathorne
Thank you for putting on a fantastic ride on Saturday – It was hot and it was fast but it was the best supported ride and with the friendliest people at every aid station and every stop.
Well signed, well organised and an amazing day
I will definitely be back next year.

Top Notch event. Did the 71, with a quick round-about the campus — apparently I missed a turn. I signed up for the Century but felt I just wasn’t ready for the heat. There is always next time.

The event was outstanding and the volunteers, sponsors and cause really made this a class act. I learned how nice an ice cold towel with scented ammonia feels and it actually makes a difference in both temperature control and breathing.

Thank you all and congratulations to all Riders. I saw some pretty bad falls and pray everyone is ok.

George Barckley

This was my first Hot Hundred and I am hooked. The volunteers really make this event. Great event all around. Thanks for all the hard work. It truly is appreciated.


Clay Maddox

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3 Responses to HOT HUNDRED

  1. Larry Murphy says:

    Wow, what a ride !!!! It was a day that I will never forget. Cheaha was tough as they come, Tour de Blue was very challenging but The Hot Hundred… OMG !!!!!! The heat, some of the roads, riding by myself for the last 25 miles… Ugh*^#@&…..The only way I finished was the support of the DCH Sports Trainers!!!!!!!! Ice Towels 😍😍😍 The Hot Hundred was also special because I got to ride with my son Kyle who completed his 1st Century…. Many thanks to the Alabama Backroads Cycling Series and Pixie Hicks for making these special moments possible. Thanks to all the volunteers at the rest stops, the SAG team, the orgaganizers, sponsors , photographers (Rose)’the awesome riders I have gotten to know and the inventor of the ICE TOWEL !!!!! See you at Tannehill !!!!!
    Larry Murphy

  2. Plan on ridding again this year just like the previous 13 years. Mojo and I always enjoy being together especially when we ride the Hot Hundred! Just incase you don’t know Mojo is my miniature dachshund!

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