In a questionnaire sent to our Champions, many liked the wave send-off at last year’s Glassner Autumn Challenge. As you know each event is different as it exits their headquarter venue onto different types of roads, whether it be a quiet roadway or highway. What we will insist you do is line up according to your expected pace with those planning to ride the century route at a 20-24 mph pace seeding first followed by 18-20, 16-18, 14-16, 12-14, etc. Your honesty and awareness of familiar riders is vital in doing this!  Once, century riders are out, the next group (generally metric riders) will roll out in the same way. Signage will help show you the distance separation.


PACELINES – Guerrero Pledge of Safety


When carried out properly, the paceline is an effective tool in pushing through wind and rolling at a good pace. When it’s not, it is simply counterproductive and dangerous! It seems that many people are jumping into groups with no knowledge of how to safely work together. It is your responsibility to be educated in paceline etiquette! This is not something that we plan to “police” but something we expect you to pledge to carry out.  Take the Guerrero Pledge of Safety with all of us!

  • Keep your group at 16 members or less with no more than two abreast. There may be times when you pick up a rider, but re-group at rest stops in groups of no more than 16 riders. Riding two abreast, this makes a manageable group of 8 riders deep and 2 wide.
  • Be in tune with your group’s average speed and maintain closely when you take the lead. If you want to show off, this is not the time to do it!
  • Struggling to hang on? Drop out for the sake of your fellow riders…another group at your comfortable speed will most likely come along.
  • The most basic of rules: Pass other riders on the left and call out “Passing” or “On your left.”
  • Another: We do allow aero bars (and Tri/TT Bikes) at ABCS rides. We just ask that you do NOT use your aero bars if in a paceline or group for safety purposes. Most Triathletes, if training, will not be in a group since drafting is not allowed in tri events. IF someone with aero bars does join a group, we ask that they get up off the aero bars and use the bull horn bars to have better steering and braking.
  • You must get off the road for emergency vehicles and follow the Rules of the Road and individual ride.
  • Make clear how the leader will signal and drop to the back.
  • A group with a leader who sets down rules such as what speed to maintain is going to be a safer group. Take the lead! Speak out when someone isn’t working with both his/her own success in mind, but the success and safety of the entire group.

The fact is there are many nuances in safely riding in a paceline and it is your responsibility to educate yourself.