Just when you think we can’t do better…..BAM!  It is done!  Cycling for Sight not only put on an awesome event but overcame several big challenges in getting it accomplished. In setting up headquarters at a completely new location, the test in sending out over 300 bicyclists and safely getting them back was very successful. Police presence was impressive not only at EastChase, but along the route as well.






Breakfast?  You bet! A complete buffet including fresh fruit, oatmeal & fixin’s, sausage, bacon, eggs, potatoes…Blackfinn Ameripub had it all!   What happened next? They set up for a fabulous return lunch for all cyclists and volunteers!








And, thanks to a neat wave send-off by Robert Traphan of the Montgomery Bicycle Club, over 300 bicyclists were off!

Click on the pic for video footage of the send-off!


The Ability Sport Network (ASN) at Huntingdon College serves youth and young adults with physical disabilities, ages 6–21, in the River Region who have a desire to participate in sport and adapted activity.  Check out the bikes provided because of Cycling for Sight!






We had the best comments as cyclists returned from their rides, especially about the great rest stops with personalized service, cheerful volunteers, FANS!, bike racks, cold towels, and food, food, and more food!As always, our ABCS Support Staff did an awesome job of welcoming back the riders, awarding medals and getting some super photos…you can see them now on our Facebook page and enjoy them soon on the C4S page of this site.  Thank you Marsha Burt, Faith Stockton, Bonnie Traphan, Kathy Thornton, and Holly Shoemaker for your time! A huge thank you also to Zack Camerio, Ride Director who constantly looked out for our staff and sent extra help when things got busy! And to Robert Traphan, who acted as communications hub, letting us know cyclists’ locations who had signed up for Life360.

Kathy and Faith

Marsha, Faith, and Kathy visiting with returning cyclists.

C4S Ride Director Zack Camerio and Montgomery Bike Club’s Bonnie Traphan.


Zack and Mallory Camerio


Ride Director Zack Camerio and his Lions Club and ASN Support Staff were fantastic, jumping in to support not only the cyclists but everyone working sign-in!

No, our rides are NOT races, but it is in the nature of some to set personal records.

David Wanhatalo and Tony Robbins were back at headquarters, finishing in about 4 1/2 hours!

…and John Bloch shortly after!

And, how about these first ladies back in!!!

We love this shot of first lady, Shelly Dunaway with her “shamed” husband, Rick…what a good sport he was! Yes, she beat him in!

Not far behind were Leslie Ledbetter and Heather Flaherty. Wonderful excitement as they finished!


Kudos to our youngest Centurion, Allan Pickens, grandson to our CHAMPION, Alton Abrams. Allan is 9 years old!


As always, Century finishers are listed to the right on this page. If you have any corrections, please let us know:


We’ve posted hundreds of photos on our BamaBackroads Facebook Photo page and here are the great shots taken by Marsha Burt at the start of C4S:

Click on photo for the slideshow.

Click below for the C4S Awards photos:





Congratulations to those awarded patches at C4S!


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