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6 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Greg, Think we have everything straightened out now and have you listed as Greg Hartley for Tour Autauga and Boll Weevil…also added you to the 2 Centuries done list. Thanks much for writing and sorry we missed that!

  2. Lori Michell says:

    is there a contact list I could get on to see about doing the rides next year when you start up again? I am very interested in doing them.

    thank you!

    Lori Michell

  3. Robert Moorehead-Lane says:

    Do you have any jerseys for the 2017 season left over (preferably mens medium)

  4. Mike Miller says:

    I noticed that another Mike Miller is signed up for the WC Handy ride and my picture was posted as getting a patch. I have completed 3 centuries but my fourth won’t be until the Glassner on Oct 13th. We had a similar name mixup with the medal for BBC 100 last yesr.

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