2017 Comments on Series Lineup

The ABCS has been a big boost for cycling and I hope to see more and more folks taking on the challenge.  I like that you are reaching out to “border states” and offering an “invitational” ride with hopes of stirring interest all around.  Your work with ABCS is very much appreciated.

Ray Harrison

2015 Comments on Series rides

Just wanted to say that the Glassner ride was so much fun to ride. The country side was really beautiful. The themed rest stops were very well stocked and all of the volunteers working them was so friendly you kind of just wanted to hang around,you just felt so welcomed. Thank you to all the people making the Glassner so enjoyable. Hate that the  series is over. Want to give a big thanks to Dale Roberson, Joe Pate, and two great friends kitt and Jim Lumley.              Met some really good people doing the Alabama Back Roads. I will be spreading the word about the the Alabama Back Roads.

Ross Daniel

I enjoyed participating in the series.   The rides were well organized and the ride routes  were well marked.  Ride support was excellent. I will give serious consideration to participating in  the series if it is run 2016.

Thanks for putting on a great series.

Gary Berg


Thanks so much for the photos and the nice comment. And on a final note,
thanks for all the hard work and leadership you have provided in making the
Alabama Backroads happen. In doing so you and your staff have provided
safe, scenic, and interesting riding opportunities on the Backroads of Alabama
for hundreds of bikers representing many states. It is a program that is greatly
appreciated and is looked forward to with anticipation for 2016 and beyond.
Kitt, Sarah, and I wish you a relaxing off-season and hope to see you next
Warmest Regards,
Kitt, Sarah, and Jimmy Lumley


Seriously, this series is loads of fun and has really brought great joy to my life.

I don’t think I’m alone either. I can’t do them all, but I have at least a few more on my schedule.
I don’t know where else this is happening, but I can foresee people from all over the country participating in some of these rides.
This is kind of like the Bobby Jones Golf Trail. I think the State tourism board should / could really play this up.
Anyway, thanks for all of your work.

Taylor Dawson  6/8/2015

Peddlin’ for a Cure and Tour Autauga

You and those who help out are doing a great job..many thanks! Last year was enjoyable doing seven so the wife and I decided to do all thirteen. She is not riding them but I represent us both in supporting great fund raising.

Both rides so far this year have been awesome…well supported and roads/courses have been fabulous. Have been able to share feedback with those I ride with here at Fort Benning, Georgia last year and this year. Several from the area have joined in on a few of them.

Keep up the great work and pass on to the organizers of the Peddlin’ For A Cure and the Tour Autauga…great job!

Dale Robertson  4/13/2015

Tour Autauga

Absolutely wonderful ride. The century is routed on the backroads of rural Autauga County, Alabama. It was well planned, well supported,  and well sagged. First 60% to 70% of the route is a rolling uphill climb gradually moving upward and when you reach the plateau at the end of the uphill trend, you have this view of a wide open sky capturing a wonderful view of the country side of Autauga County. And on the decent you catch this “magic carpet” ride “most” of the way down to the finish. Truly a memorable experience for any Centurion.

Jimmy Lumley      4/13/2015

2014 Comments on Series

   Anyway, it gives me an opportunity to say personally what a great thing you have done with this ABCS.  I remember e-mailing you last yearaobut May or June after I’d heard about this for the first time. Now after I’ve finished my 8th Century in Ga, AL and TN over the last year I realise what a big deal this is and how much ABCS means to the biking population in the region.

Talking with out-of-staters, this is the envy of a lot of other states.  I think it has had a tremendous impact on those like me who had never done a century.  Nothing like the carrot of a medal and a patch to get folks to sign up and do a century or 4.Emoji

All this to say thanks and that your work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Tom Flukers

Everybody who has supported the alabama backroads website and rides has done a fantastic job. All those pics, and great coordination. Awesome effort- thank you all.

Kurt Webb

 Another great Johnny Ray in the ride log…another fun ride. The Roubaix chipseal may get rough for a bit but the enthusiastic volunteers help make it tolerable. Good route through rural Alabama. Thanks to all who help put this one together.

Dale Robertson

 2013 TriStates 100

We regularly ride tri-state in Dothan and occasionally would ride the enterprise century. We live in Florida and had not looked for centuries in Birmingham. We only learned about the series this spring when we finished tri-state when they gave us the medals. We then read about it and decided to try the rides. Tannenhill was a great ride. Looking forward to doing five in your series this year. I love the concept of what your group is doing. Keep it up. Should he the model for other states.
Timothy Klausutis
Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 8.13.38 PM

2013 Tour de Blue

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 8.18.05 PM

2013 Hot Hundred

I hope the comments filter back to y’all but I heard many people say that it was the best bike event they had ever done.  I would agree with that.  Wonderful route, fabulous rest stops, clear route markings, great facility at the O of A.  Be prepared for a bigger group next year based on the reputation y’all have earned.  Thanks for an awesome day.



2013 Birmingham Bicycle Club’s 40th Annual Century

Great Hopitality, great route, hot sun, nice breeze, I enjoyed the event! Thanks to all who organized and labored to make it happen!
John Kurtz


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