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All participating events will be presenting CENTURION medals as you complete each 100-mile ride as well as THE PATCH when you complete your first four.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing many of you showing off your medals, patches, and jerseys as Ted Goode did at the end of his 2015 season:


We’re very happy to have BUFFALO ROCK/PEPSI back as our PRESENTING SPONSOR, providing soft drinks, bottled water, banners, and Gatorade for each event and those big 10-gallon barrel coolers too!

Our 2015 CHAMPIONS will be recognized at our CHAMPIONS’ BANQUET & AWARDS CEREMONY on January 16th and will receive their 2015 CHAMPION jerseys provided by PRIMAL WEAR’S sponsorship.  They’ll be the first to see our awesome 2016 design!

We welcome ACADEMY SPORTS, offering several of our events a super Pre-Registration venue with plentiful parking and opportunity for you to pick up those last-minute supplies.  Pre-registering at Academy also makes you eligible for gift cards for a last-minute shopping spree…watch for news on which events will offer this opportunity!

BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF ALABAMA, sends best wishes for safe rides in support of health and wellness.  Please visit our SPONSOR page for more information from BCBS and our other supporting sponsors.


 These events have open online registration and some already have their jersey designs ready:

CYCLEPATHS CHALLENGE                                                               4/2           MONROEVILLE

TOUR AUTAUGA                                                                                    4/9            PRATTVILLE

OLD HOWARD 100                                                                               4/16          MARION

TOUR DE BLUE                                                                                     4/30         MOODY

CHEAHA CHALLENGE & ULTRA                                                      5/15        JACKSONVILLE

TRISTATES 100                                                                                        6/4        DOTHAN

W.C. HANDY 3 STATE BIKE RIDE                                                     7/23        FLORENCE

HOT HUNDRED                                                                                      7/30       TUSCALOOSA

NORTH JEFFERSON CENTURY                                                         8/27      GARDENDALE


ALL YOU CAN EAT CENTURY                                                              9/17      HUNTSVILLE

GLASSNER AUTUMN CHALLENGE                                                  10/8      MONTGOMERY


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Bet you’re all wondering if our Fabulous 14 finished up with all 13 centuries DONE.  Well, YES THEY DID!    (Click on any photo for a larger view)

Special recognition goes out to RICK SWAGLER, TED GOODE, TONY ROBBINS, AND VIC CAMP who not only did all of our century rides this year but did the same last year when we offered 10 centuries to ride!  What an accomplishment!

With 1200 ABCS miles logged in for the year were two determined women and one man!

These 9 men and one tough lady pedaled 11 of our Series centuries!

And these are our remaining 9 cyclists who will be awarded this year’s Series CHAMPION jerseys!


Congratulations also to Edwin Martin, Kathy Welch, Paul Laborde, Glenn Baird & Ray Harrison with 9 centuries accomplished!


And to these cyclists we send a salute for 8 centuries DONE in the 2015 Series!

12 men completed 7 of our century options!


With 600 Series miles DONE are these 10 men and one woman!

This entire list of 29 bicyclists not only earned their patch, but pedaled a 5th century during the 2015 season!

Alan Beasley
Bill Stockton
Brian Moran
Brian Toone
Craig Snell
Dale Stinson
David Adams
Elizabeth Turnipseed
Eric Murray
Fred Keith
Greg Hartley
Greg New
Greg Sweeney
Jim Cogar
Jody Coombs
John Chaucer
Julio Driggs
Kelsey Puckett
Kim Woodberry
Kyle Hudgins
Michael Staley
Paul Haanschoten
Roger Larsen
Ross Daniel
Stewart Wright
Taylor Kitchens
Terry Grizzard
Thomas Kennedy
Wendy Davis


And these 52…yes, that 52! ended the year with their ABCS embroidered patch!

Amos Mitchim
Amy Richardson
Bill Mayo
Billy Ritch
Bob Grubbs
Brad Vinz
Brett Stark
Bryan Chace
Chrissy Metcalf
Craig VanValkenburg
Dave Crocker
David Adams
David Stankard
Donald Crabtree
Donald Norwood
Donnette Putman
Earnest Daniel
Edward Shipman
George Barckley
Gerald Muench
Gregg Bray
Jack Barrow
James Johnson
Jan Bell
Jason Hallmark
Jim Carter
Joseph Creel
Keith Hatley
Lance Classen
Malcolm Byrd
Matt Butler
Michael Miller
Mike Apple
Neil Harris
Patrick Donnelly
Paul Pitts
Phillip Metcalf
Randal Crow
Randy Jensen
Richard Kirkland
Shelly Dunaway
Stephen Prout
Steve Boukedes
Steve Patterson
Susan Muench
Susi Bowermaster
Thomas Quinn
Thomas Schwerin
Tommy Gaillard
Tommy Watkins
Tracy Fulmer
Wayne Spooner

55 cyclists completed 300 Series miles this year!

Archie Slaton
Brandon Ponds
Brian DeGaetano
Chad Briggs
Chad Hathorne
Chris Cole
David Blunier
Evan Koch
Geoff Humber
Glenn Shealey
Jason Hallmark
Jason Perez
Jeff Brooks
Jeffrey Wilson
Jennifer Skjellum
Jim Shoemaker
Joe Varner
John Carr
John Dishuck
Julie Gyurgyik
Kat Sweatt
Kenneth McDaniel
Kenneth Swanson
Lance Classen
Lori Helms
Louis Schwarzman
Mark Beresford
Mark Davis
Mark Judah
Mark Rutledge
Matt Butler
Michael Maier
Mike Gautreau
Nick Kirby
Pablo Mayo
Paulette Coan
Phillip Townsend
Richard Akers
Robert Johnson
Rodger Acklin
Ronald Oliver
Scott Eason
Silas Blackstock
Stephanie Ashworth
Stephen Browne
Steve Justice
Steven Haskins
Susan Chandler
Todd Whytock
Travis Self
Travis Sherman
Wade Jones
Will Jones
William Sparks


143 bicyclists took home 2 ABCS medals!

Alan Sanders
Alfonso Ahuja
Allen Goodwine
Andrew Parks
Angela Lakwete
Angelean Bibb
Anne Smith
Ashley Folkes
Ashton Varner
Bill Christenberry
Bill Dennis
Bobby Nebhut
Bradley Garrett
Bradley Vinz
Brenda Robbins
Brett Hulgan
Brian Esmonde
Brian Heaton
Brian Hvid
Bruce Petitt
Candace Akerson
Carol Dorn
Chad Conley
Channing Senn
Charles Catterall
Charles McCain
Chris Astle
Chris Hill
Clay Maddox
Clayton Shropshire
Clint Lauderdale
Curtis Grace
Cynthia Harris
Daniel Kothlow
Darrell O’Quinn
David Casebeer
David Covington
David Hartman
David Holmes
David Stout
Dean Leader
Dean Phillips
Demetrious White
Dennis Bulgatz
Diane Krouse
Don Mullinax
Doug Sizemore
Dwayne Conley
Dwight Ward
Eric Keith
Eric Kramer
Erik Moore
Frank Lopez
Gil Kracke
Glenn Terry
Gordon Ladner
Greg Byrne
Haby Ramirez
Jack Ray
James Dunn
James Lamb
James Underwood
Jason Hohensee
Jason Robins
Jeanne Davis
Jeff Brooks
Jeff Mroz
Jeff Thomas
Jeffrey Simon
Jennifer Wagner
Jerry Kelly
Jessica Hulgan
Jim Parrish
Joe Patrick
Joel Gordy
John Hanna
John Ortiz
John Waits
Jon Davidson
Jonathan McGee
Jorge Vazquez
Juan Negron
Junaid Memon
Justin Bynum
Justin Pociask
Kandas Cavender
Katherine Nichols
Ken Fitzgerald
Ken McOmber
Kimberly Cox
Kingsley Paquette
Kristen Riley
Kyle Robinson
Larry Gunter
Lynn McKelvey
Mark Davis
Mark Johnson
Mary Kreel
Michael Kyle
Michael Mayo
Nathaniel Cleveland
Patricia Stephens
Patti Puckett
Paul McCracken
Paul Youngblood
Peter Gray
Peter Sartino
Prince Whatley
Rachel Blackwell
Randy Brown
Randy Howell
Randy Kerr
Ray Stinson
Reginald J Ray Jr.
Ricky Pounders
Risa Engel
Robert Broomfield
Robert Powers
Rodger Acklin
Ronald Austin
Ronnie Russell
Said Assali
Scott McGlaun
Scott Medders
Scott Mozingo
Sean Benjamin
Seyed Emadian
Sheila Brown
Stephen Walton
Steve Fisher
Steve Harrington
Terry Edwards
Tim Klausutis
Timothy McOmber
Timothy Toney
Tom Nelson
Tom Watson
Victor Russell
Vince Aliffi
Vincenzo Quevedo
Wayne Manord
William Cox
William Strous


Finding mistakes or omissions?  Please let us know at 


Our Purpose:

  • To promote the growth and development of long-distance cycling in the state of Alabama, encourage participation in established Alabama century (100-mile) rides, recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments, and benefit the charities and advocacy efforts supported by each of these events.

The Challenge:

  • Complete at least four of the Alabama Centuries (100-mile options)  in the Series.

The Rewards:

  • Receive a collectible “Centurion” Finisher’s Medal for each (100-mile) century you complete.
  • Upon completion of four century rides in the Series, receive an embroidered patch in the shape of Alabama, indicating each event location.
  • Plus, your name will be listed as Centurion on each event website and on this DISCOVER ALABAMA BACKROADS  website.
  • Ride 10 of our centuries and receive our free CHAMPION jersey!  *2016 design will be ready soon!

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    I think the jersey’s are an excellent idea. Thanks for all the hard workk. Had a great time this year.

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