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TRI-STATES 100 Follow-Up

Not to brag, but we just keep getting better!  The June 6th TriStates 100 had record turnout increasing from 324 (2014) to 406 this year.  Century riders, numbering at 241, rolled in with record times including Terri Sullivan and Tony Robbins at 4 hours 39 minutes!

Terri & Tony:text

Incoming comments tell us that organizers Joe Varner, Bryan Darrow, Angie Sherrill and so many more put in unbelievable hours in planning for their rest stops, on-road support, plentiful lunch, and new headquarter venue.  Bethel Baptist Church offered so much in helping to grow this ride with a perfect Start/Finish set up as well as air-conditioned and comfortable space for end-of-ride lunch.  Shower facilities were welcome as this was our hottest event so far with temps well into the 90’s!

TriStates now has a new Facebook page and we would love for you to go in and follow for updates.

Many thanks to our ABCS Sign-In Crew and Photographers: Nancy Melkerson, Marsha Burt, Karrie Schwerin, and Rose & Gerome Gacula!

ABCS sign-in crew Gerome & Rose

TriStates 100 Centurions are listed to the right.  Please send any corrections or comments to


 After the June 6th TriStates 100, we continue to have 20 incredible bicyclists who have pedaled all 7 of our century routes so far!  We think they’re going for at least 10 to get that free PrimalWear CHAMPION jersey…maybe even all 13!  

Brian Smith
Dale Robertson
David Emery
Deana Acklin
Fred King
Fred Twilley
Gabrielle Moody
Gary Berg
Gerome Gacula
Keith Burt
Ken Moore
Larry Murphy
Mike McCrocklin
Rick Swagler
Roberto Aldo Yburan
Stan Muse
Ted Goode
Tim Benefield
Tony Robbins
Vic Camp

With an amazing 600+ miles pedaled so far are these men and women!  Yes, they are easily in the running for the free CHAMPION jersey!

Allen Yates
Alton Abrams
Bonnie Traphan
Dana Hornady
David Moseley
Glenn Baird
Kathryn Thornton
Margot Andison
Mark Jacobs
Max Britton
Robert Traphan
Walter Kennedy

With 5 out of 7 centuries pedaled and hopefully more to come are these awesome centurions!  You have 6 more opportunities to earn that free jersey!  

Jimmy Lumley
John Halsey
Kathy Welch
Mike Boyd
Paul Holsinger
Paul LaBorde
Ramona Bryant
Ray Harrison

19 men and women have accomplished 4 of our century rides and many earned their patch at TriStates!  (Photos to come!)

Bill Stockton
Chris Puckett
Craig VanValkenburg
Daniel Earnest
Dave Crocker
David Smith
Edwin Martin
Greg Caldwell
Keith Hatley
Michael Staley
Mike Metasavage
Neil Harris
Norman Harrison
Paul Pitts
Stephen Prout
Taylor Dawson
Terri Sullivan
Terry Hornady
Thomas Quinn

We’re very proud of these 40 athletes who have already completed 3 of our century routes!  Good luck next time in receiving your patch for 4 centuries DONE!

Barry Cato
Blake Owen
Bob Grubbs
Brandon Ponds
Brian Toone
Cecil Kwong
Chrissy Metcalf
Christopher Grund
Craig Snell
David Blunier
David Wanhatalo
Don Polk
Emeterio Hernandez
Eric Murray
Greg Brinkman
Greg Hartley
Gregg Bray
Jeffrey Wilson
Jim Carter
Jim Cockrell
Jim Cogar
Jody Coombs
John Passwater
Joseph Pate
Paul Haanschoten
Phillip Metcalf
Randy Jensen
Robert Johnson
Roger Larsen
Ronald Oliver
Ross Daniel
Russell Fulmer
Shelly Dunaway
Steve Patterson
Terri Reidy
Terry Grizzard
Thomas Fluker
Thomas Schwerin
Tommy Gaillard
Travis Self

And, we have a HUGE list of 88 century riders who’ve ridden two 100-milers so far!  Great accomplishments from everyone!

Alan Beasley
Alfonso Ahuja
Amos Mitchim
Amy Richardson
Andrew Parks
Angela Lakwete
Archie Slaton
Ashley Folkes
Bill Mayo
Brad Vinz
Brenda Robbins
Brett Stark
Brian Esmonde
Bruce Petitt
Carol Dorn
Chris Cole
Chris Hill
Curtis Grace
Dale Stinson
Daniel Kothlow
Darrell O’Quinn
David Adams
David Covington
David Stankard
Dwayne Conley
Dwight Ward
Edward Shipman
Eric Kramer
Erik Moore
Frank Lopez
George Barckley
Gil Kracke
Glenn Shealey
Greg New
Greg Sweeney
James Johnson
Jason Hallmark
Jason Hohensee
Jason Perez
Jeff Brooks
Jeff Mroz
Jennifer Wagner
John Dishuck
John Melkerson
Johnny Zupancich
Jorge Vazquez
Justin Bynum
Justin Pociask
Kelsey Puckett
Kenneth McDaniel Jr.
Kim Woodberry
Kimberly Cox
Kristen Riley
Kyle Hudgins
Lori Helms
Louis Schwarzman
Malcolm Byrd
Mark Davis
Mark Judah
Mark Rutledge
Michael Mayo
Mike Apple
Patrick Donnelly
Patti Puckett
Phillip Townsend
Prince Whatley
Rachel Blackwell
Randal Crow
Richard Akers
Richard Kirkland
Robert Powers
Ronald Austin
Said Assali
Seyed Emadian
Shelly Dunaway
Stephen Browne
Steve Harrington
Steve Perkins
Stewart Wright
Susi Bowermaster
Taylor Kitchens
Tim Klausutis
Tom Nelson
Tommy Watkins
Vincenzo Quevedo
Wade Jones
Wayne Spooner
William Cox
William Ritch

Finding mistakes or omissions?  Please let us know at 

Awards Table Banner

Watch for this banner as you return from your century ride.  It’s where you sign in, claim your medal, and “smile for the birdie!” Please come with your bib number and bike for a photo.

Our Purpose:

  • To promote the growth and development of long-distance cycling in the state of Alabama, encourage participation in established Alabama century (100-mile) rides, recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments, and benefit the charities and advocacy efforts supported by each of these events.

The Challenge:

  • Complete at least four of the Alabama Centuries (100-mile options)  in the Series.

The Rewards:

  • Receive a collectible “Centurion” Finisher’s Medal for each (100-mile) century you complete.
  • Upon completion of four century rides in the Series, receive an embroidered patch in the shape of Alabama, indicating each event location.
  • Plus, your name will be listed as Centurion on each event website and on this DISCOVER ALABAMA BACKROADS  website.
  • Ride 10 of our centuries and receive our free CHAMPION jersey!

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Peddlin’ for a Cure 2015

Peddlin’ for a Cure 2015 from karen Hicks on Vimeo.



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  1. Barry Holmes says:

    I think the jersey’s are an excellent idea. Thanks for all the hard workk. Had a great time this year.

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