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Highway 2 Hale entered the Series with a bang! Buffalo Rock banners welcomed riders to Moundville and the Archaeological Park where orange flags waved by volunteers directed traffic to ample parking areas. Although not showing the amazing number of workers, this photo shows the excitement and enthusiasm of the friendly H2H staff:

AAFT and TCC Volunteers

A record number of 178 cyclists rolled out in waves with 95 successful centurions by the end of the day. This 4th annual event had more than doubled their numbers from 2017!

Riders had the options of pedaling 25, 38, 69, or 100+ miles. Rest stops and headquarters were stocked with over 1,200 pounds of ICE and a total of 12 SAG drivers patrolled all routes! Comments from returning cyclists were as positive as we could hope for! Several somehow got off course and volunteers promptly checked road markings to find they had been very well marked. As always, we remind everyone to study the route info we provide, slow down, observe, and not necessarily follow the leader.

Stewart Community Center Pavilion Rest Stop

Meanwhile, back at headquarters the #5 Jazz Band began an all-day presentation of fantastic music and Dreamland BBQ pork & chicken with all the trimmings plus banana pudding was laid out.

#5 (Sharp Five) Jazz Band


Lunch is served!


By 5:00 we heard through ham radio operators that the final century riders had a few miles to pedal and rolled in shortly with smiles of satisfaction. Congratulations to all finishers and special kudos to the Tuscaloosa Cycle Club members who had taken part in the Volunteer Ride and came in from supporting the day’s ride for official photos!

Click on pic above to see the Award Photos Album. Hover over most to see names.


H2H Centurions are listed to the right. Let us know if you see any mistakes at bamabackroads@gmail.com

15 Centurions earned a spot on the ABCS Map of Fame by completing their 4th century and getting PATCHED, bringing the total number to 58, all in the running to become 2018 CHAMPIONS!

And, now on to the LISTS! We have 14 cyclists on their way to becoming SUPER CHAMPIONS; but that number will most likely increase after an upcoming Volunteer Ride.  Those with 3 or more DONE could become 2018 CHAMPIONS!

UPDATE! The lists have been adjusted after the June 23rd TriStates Workers’ Makeup Ride:


And with FIVE of our first six Centuries pedaled….


And with at least 400 miles….



Congratulation to these Century riders who have 3 of our 100-mile routes completed!


And, their second century accomplished…



The W. C. Handy 3 State Bike Ride is the premier cycling event in the Shoals, hosted by the Shoals Cycling Club and benefiting the Music Preservation Society.The ride is held each year in conjunction with the W. C. Handy Music Festival which is a week long celebration of the life and music of W. W. Handy, “Father of the Blues,” who was born in Florence, Rated as one of the top 100 events in the nation, the Festival is an excellent time to relax and enjoy the blues from leading musicians. Festival Dates: July 20 – 29, 2018 held throughout the Shoals area.

Choose from 7 distances, some including miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway: 21, 40, 61, 70, 75, 100, or 107 miles. Lunch by Jill Larkin Sweet Memories, rated as one of the finest meals in the 2017 Series! See more info and register here





We are very proud of our 2018 lineup of rides for this year…most seasoned Series events with a few new ones sprinkled in! Visit their pages in our site menu for updates on jerseys and registration.  And, watch for some fun and interesting challenges we’ll have for you this year!

W.C.HANDY 3 STATE BIKE RIDE     Florence, July 21st

The Shoals Cycling Club’s Handy 100 with the directorship of David Cumbie came into the Series in 2016 with numbers increasing from 200 to nearly 500! Popular for its miles pedaled on the Natchez Trace Parkway and scenic routes of 21, 40, 61, 70/75, 100/107-miles, this event is scheduled as part of the W.C.Handy Music Festival with plenty of musical celebration to be enjoyed during your stay in Shoals area.

NORTH JEFFERSON CENTURY     Gardendale, August 25th

Also new to the Series in 2016, the NJC enjoyed such huge growth that Ride Director, Clark Raymond saw the need to upgrade headquarters and moved to the Gardendale First Baptist Church. With increased parking space and the ability to offer shower facilities plus an awesome dining space…AND offer a superb lunch by Hamburger Heaven of Gardendale….AND, bring in the support of their new charity, the North Jefferson Women’s Center, we expect this event to have another growth spurt in 2018!

ALL YOU CAN EAT CENTURY       Huntsville, September 15th

The AYCE made some big changes last year with new Ride Director, Jamie Miernik taking the reigns and coming up with totally new routes starting from the Bob Harrison Wellness and Advocacy Center in Huntsville. Courses supported are the Coldwater Metric, Half-Century and Century, plus a 34-mile loop, with the 3 longer routes entering the Coldwater Creek, TN watershed.  All you can eat catered by Cyn Shea’s Cafe and Catering a division of Serving Hope Inc. 

BIRMINGHAM BICYCLE CLUB’S   BBC 100     Ashville, September 29th

Cyclists across the State will come together once again in support of their Ride Director, Wayne Spooner and his battle with melanoma skin cancer. The event supports the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Melanoma and Skin Cancer Charity. Birmingham Bicycle Club members will be stepping up to assist you on the road and at rest stops and will be waiting for you as you finish with their impressive cowbell Reception Line.

GLASSNER AUTUMN CHALLENGE   Montgomery, October 13th

Our GAC will once again WOW you with their Radical Southern Hospitality and FUN!  From the excitement at Headquarters with recorded announcements keeping you apprized of sponsors, route updates, and especially SAFETY, the professional presentation of this event is going to amaze you! Directors Robert & Bonnie Traphan have raised the bar of excellence when it comes to all facets of this event including rest stop and on-road support by the Montgomery Bike Club  This event will have some exciting news for you soon so keep an eye out!  Registration and jersey purchase is open at www.MgmBike-Club.org/GACRegister

CHILDREN’S HOME CHALLENGE     Talladega, October 27th

Another new event for 2018, the Children’s Home Challenge, is directed by Jacque Cordle and benefits the ministries provided to homeless children & families at the  Presbyterian Home for Children. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Talladega County countryside, tree-lined roads, and just enough rollers to keep it fun. 

GEARS & BEERS: BAYOU 100     Mobile, November 10th

G&B Ride Director, Jeff DeQuattro would love to tell you any time about the Delta Bike Project! Since the first Gears & Beers in 2015, the Delta Bike Project has purchased and installed 15 bicycle repair stations and pumps, and enough bike parking to accommodate 56 bicycles…and Jeff and company are behind it all… plus assist commuting cyclists with bike maintenance to keep them on the road to school and work! New in the Series in 2017, Mobile hosted a weekend of fun and an event that supported distances of 8 to 100 miles. This one needs to go on your calendar!


We can’t wait to share photos like these from our 2015 and 2016 Champion Banquets and Awards Ceremony, this year at Joe Wheeler State Park at the end of January!  CHAMPIONS are those who complete 10 or more of our event century routes.



Our Purpose:

  • To promote the growth and development of long-distance cycling in the state of Alabama, encourage participation in established Alabama century (100-mile) rides, recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments, and benefit the charities and advocacy efforts supported by each of these events.

The Challenge:

  • Complete at least four of the Alabama Centuries (100-mile options)  in the Series.

The Rewards:

  • Receive a collectible “Centurion” Finisher’s Medal for each (100-mile) century you complete.  bbc-medal
  • Upon completion of four century rides in the Series, receive an embroidered patch in the shape of Alabama, indicating each event location.

  • Plus, your name will be listed as Centurion on this website as you complete each century route.
  • Ride 10 of our centuries and receive our free Primal Wear CHAMPION jersey!
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