The Hot Hundred, also known as the Hottest Ride in the South invites cyclists of all abilities…from the newbie doing a first large group ride to the elite peloton.  The University of Alabama welcomes you to enjoy the pedal past historic Denny Chimes and shout out a “Roll Tide!” as you cruise past famous Bryant-Denny Stadium.  The first few miles are at a controlled pace with an exciting escort by the Tuscaloosa Police Department motorcycle team.  From there you have your choice of five distances: 29, 36, 52, 71, and 103 miles, supported by 6 roving SAG drivers and mechanic and 6 Rest Stops.  Prepare to be pampered by DCH Sports Trainers and our awesome volunteers who will be keeping a close eye on you for overheating and have some great treats (snow cones?) to keep you going!  After your ride, replenish with ice cold drinks and lunch, showers, followed by a refreshing swim in the beautiful Rec Center pool.

denny chimes   bryant_denny   pool

With over 600 participants in 2013, the Hot Hundred is the sole fundraiser for the Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance and also supports the advocacy efforts of the Druid City Bicycle Club.

Join us Friday night at VeloCity Pro Cycle to claim your goody bag, have some dinner and meet your fellow cyclists!

WEBSITE Facebook_rotating_550 twitter REGISTRATION

Place your jersey/shorts order by April 30th to receive by ride day.

Hot Hundred jersey 1.10 Hot Hundred shorts 1.7 Hot Hundred bib 1.10

 Hot_Hundred037 TPD Hot_Hundred049 DSC_2462


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 290 CENTURIONS!!!  If you feel your name should be on this list, you may have missed signing in at our Johnson Hill Rest Stop.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact the Ride Director.        

Abe Schuster
Adam Tomlin
Alan Beasley
Alan Hoffman
Alan Weatherford
Alex Kamman
Andie Thompson
Anne Wynn
Ashton Varner
Austin Bowen
Babs Evers
Bari Berger
Barry Holmes
Barry Parker
Becky Settles
Bill Stockton
Blake Pittman
Bob Davis
Bob Grubbs
Brandon Barnes
Brandon Ponds
Brenda Robbins
Brent Freeman
Brent Kizzire
Brian Darr
Brian Pate
Brian Pisarsky
Brian Puccerella
Brian Smith
Byron Bell
Calvin Hall
Cathy Pagani
Cecil Kwong
Chad Williamson
Charles Brammer
Charles McCain
Charles Snead
Chip Harrison
Chris Des Marteau
Chris Farrington
Chrissy Delameter
Christian Gann
Christopher Bonnevier
Christopher Grund
Christopher Hill
Chuck Centers
Chuck Compson
Chuong Pham
Cissy Blanchard
Clark Raymond
Clewis Smith
Clifford Ammons
Colin Adendorff
Colin Burleson
Courtney Crowder
Cynthia Jones
Dale Garrard
Dan Lieber
Daniel Earnest
Danielle Thibodeaux
Danny Stamps
Darren Rasmussen
David Chandler
David Crocker
David Emery
David Howard
David Patton
David Shaw
David Slack
David Williams
Davis Burton
Dean Leader
Dennis O’Brien
Dennis Stuart
Derek Lemke
Diane Krouse
Don Hagan
Don Mullinax
Don Polk
Doug Rice
Douglas Mitchell
Dunbar McGaveck
Edward Hayes
Edward Sodano
Emeterio Hernandez
Ernesto Caamano
Everett Wilson
Francisco Almeida
Frank Martin
Fred Twilley
Gabrielle Moody
Gary Clinton
Gentry Sanford
Geoffrey Gartman
Gerald Muench
Gerald Shaw
Gil Kracke
Glen Achord
Greg Bowen
Greg Caldwell
Gregg Bray
Gregg Johnson
Guy Able
Heather Hagan
Iva Cosby
Jack Ray
Jacques Cuneo
Jade Charmagan
James (Will) Williamson
James Daniel
James Jackson
James Preston
James Robinson
Jamison Gaddy
Jan Bell
Janie Davis
Jared Henry
Jason Byrd
Jason Clark
Jason DiSalvo
Jason Robins
Jason Rose
Jason Thibodeaux
Jeff Chappel
Jeff Fuller
Jeff Lancaster
Jeff Malone
Jeff Schrimscher
Jeff Thomas
Jeffrey Wilson
Jennifer Bleakley
Jennifer Christy
Jennifer Skjellum
Jerry Armstrong
Jim Cockrell
Jimmy Harrison
Jimmy Ruble
Jody Coombs
Joe Varner
Joel Gordy
John Beaird
John Foster
John Halsey
John Mayo
John Savage
John Stamps
Joseph Bates
Justin Wilson
Justine Muralt
Karen Whitlock
Kari Sikole
Katherine Brundrett
Keith Cartmell
Keith Morgan
Keith Schell
Keith Shoemaker
Ken Fitzgerald
Ken Gunnells
Ken Moore
Kenneth McDaniel Jr
Kenneth Newsome
Kenneth Reeves
Kenny Riedmann
Kevin Farren
Kevin Lappe
Kimberly Cox
Kimberly Wynn
Kingsley Paquette
Kurt Webb
Kyle Hudgins
Lanny Guthrie
Larry Murphy
Larry Pierson
Laural Wierenga
Leslie Musumecci
Lex Bumpers
Linda Vasquez
Lori VonPingel
Louis Schwarzman
Luke Caldwell
Marc Goracke
Marcus Robinson
Mark Byars
Mark Rutherford
Mark Settles
Mark Watts
Mary Ben Fitts
Mary Hetrick
Mary Lee McMahon
Max Dugan
McGarock Dunbar
Melissa Robinson
Merrill Smith
Michael Calamari
Michael Horton
Michael Marrs
Michael Millan
Michael Shaw
Michele Montgomery
Michelle Bowman
Mike Daria
Mike Ferguson
Mike Norris
Mike Shaw
Mitzi Madere
Nancy Catherine Weaver
Nathan Whelan
Neal Lovell
Neil Harris
Patricia Tessner
Paul Laborde
Paul McCracken
Paul Weaver
Paula Tucker
Peter Schoger
Phillip Lee
Randall Hunt
Randy Charles
Raymond Bullard
Raymond Miller
Regan Chandler
Renee Harrison
Richard Picou
Ricky Hall
Robert Johnson
Robert Luppino
Robert Traphan
Ronnie Ashley
Ronnie Kelley
Roxanne Smith
Russ Harshman
Russ Timkovich
Russell Fulmer
Rusty Livingston
Ryan Batterman
Ryan Missanelli
Ryan Morton
Ryan Schwarzman
Sam Allison
Sam Rombokas
Sara Glenn
Scott Ayers
Sean Benjamin
Seth Muench
Shane Schwarzman
Sloan Monk
Sophia Lal
Stan Hale
Stephanie Farrington
Stephen Browne
Stephen Hays
Stephen Manston
Stephen Middleton
Stephen Secor
Steve Phillips
Steve Shumate
Steve Sievers
Steve Spence
Steven Reeves
Stewart Reed
Taylor Ellis
Terri Sullivan
Thomas Calamari Jr
Thomas Quinn
Thomas Rollins
Thomas Waters
Tim Benefield
Tim Hall
Timothy Real
Timothy Wynn
Todd Hollingsworth
Tom Garrett
Tom Watson
Tony Robbins
Toralf Peters
Towney Sausville
Travis Self
Trey Whitt
Ty Rochester
Tylerann Hoiland
Vic Poole
Walter Kolis
Walter Shirey
Wayne Kennamer
Wayne Spooner
Wendy Kriegel
Wes Schaeffer
Wesley Barrett
William Cox
William Powell
William Ritch
William Strouss
William Strouss
Wilson Moore
Zackary Knoebel

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