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2014 jersey sales are open!  This is a Primal, 3-pocket, set-in sleeves jersey with the 2014 rides, dates, and locations on the back for your bragging rights.  Place your order here by August 20th for mid-October delivery.

Series Jersey 2014 2014-06-30 at 6.31.24 PM


The Hot Hundred is gearing up for your arrival in just a couple of weeks!  We are the 5th event in the Alabama Backroads Century Series and looking forward to awarding as many as 29 patches in recognition of 4 of the 10 centuries DONE!  Routes of 29,36,52,71 & 103 miles are supported with 6 Rest Stations, 7 well-marked SAG vehicles, and area law enforcement agencies.  Shout out a Roll Tide! as you pedal past Bryant Denny Stadium and famous Denny Chimes in the company of soldiers from Forts Benning and Gordon!  The first few miles from the UA Rec Center to Capitol Park are known as a NEUTRAL START, cruising behind the lead car at ~15 mph.  In addition to TPD escort, these miles will be supported by the Dirty South Cruisers, a well-known motorcycle club staging at each main intersection.  We welcome cyclists of all ages and skill-levels to join us for the 12th Annual Hot Hundred!

*Centurions, make sure to check in at our Johnson Hill Rest Stop.  Stop in for a break or just a quick shout out of your bib number.

Ride details, Social Media and Registration links can be found at



Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.07.21 PM  TriStates 100  Dothan, AL.   June 7th, 2014

Congratulations to our TriStates 100 Centurions who are listed to the right.  What a great day it was with total numbers increasing by nearly 80, mostly you awesome century riders.

Below is the updated list of 4, 3, and 2 centuries achieved.  (Please use the contact form below for any corrections.)

 4 Centuries DONE!  The first patches were proudly secured by these 11 Centurions with their completion of the TriStates 100 Century on Saturday, June 7th:

Check out the TriStates page for some great photos.

Alexandra Kamman
Bradley Garrett
Calvin Hall
David Emery
Greg Bowen
Jonathan Torre
Margot Andison
Rick Swagler
Ted Goode
Tony Robbins
Vic Camp

3 of our first 4 Centuries were wrapped up by these 29 Century riders:

Allen Folse
Andie Thompson
Barry Cato
Barry Holmes
Bart West
Bill Stockton
Brian Smith
charles McCain
Charles McCain
Don Polk
Edward O Shipman
Greg Brinkman
Jason Robins
Jeff Schrimscher
Jeffrey Wilson
Jim Reburn
John Beaird
Joseph Creel
Kathy Welch
Kenneth Newsome
Lindsey Griffin
Markus Wagner
Paul Laborde
Sonja Rieger
Stephen Perkins
Terry Grizzard
Thomas Fluker
Vicky Reburn
William (Billy) Ritch

Of the first 4 events, an impressive 74 cyclists have accomplished 2 centuries:



Alan Sanders
Allen Yates
Barry Parker
Bert Hutson
Bill Mundy
Blake Owen
Bonnie Traphan
Brandon Ponds
Brenda Robbins
Bryan Strickland
Christopher Grund
Cindy Pounds
Dale Robertson
Dana Hornady
David Adams
David Moak
David Smalley
David Smith
Dirtdog (Dan) Watson
Doug Littrell
Elizabeth Taylor
Eric Murray
George Muse
Gil Kracke
Glenn Baird
Greg Caldwell
Greg Hartley
Jennifer Talley
Jim Dobbs
Jody Coombs
John Halsey
John Schwab
Jon Rasmussen
Joseph Pate
Junaid Memon
Kamper Floyd
Karen Higgins
Kathryn Thornton
Ken Moore
Ken NcOmber
Kenneth German
Kimberly Cox
Kimberly Wynn
Lance Classen
Larry Murphy
Malcolm Byrd
Michael Horton
Michele Montgomery
Mike Ferguson
Pamela Kennedy
Pamela Lindsley
Patrick Brock
Paul Holsinger
Paul McCracken
Ramona Bryant
Rick Forehand
Robert Johnson
Robert Montgomery
Robert Traphan
Russell Fulmer
Sean Benjamin
Shane Schwarzman
Stephen Browne
Stephen Hays
steve patterson
Steven Hodges
Thomas Schwerin Jr.
Tim Hall
Travis Self
Walter Kennedy
William Cox
William Lockridge
William Wolfe

Our Purpose:

  • To promote the growth and development of long-distance cycling in the state of Alabama, encourage participation in established Alabama century (100-mile) rides, recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments, and benefit the charities and advocacy efforts supported by each of these events.

The Challenge:

  • Complete four of the Alabama Centuries (100-mile options)  in the Series.

The Rewards:

  • Receive a collectible “Centurion” Finisher’s Medal for each (100-mile) century you complete.
  • Upon completion of four century rides in the Series, receive an embroidered patch in the shape of Alabama, indicating each event location.
  • Plus, your name will be listed as Centurion on each event website and on this DISCOVER ALABAMA BACKROADS  website.




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  1. Barry Holmes says:

    I think the jersey’s are an excellent idea. Thanks for all the hard workk. Had a great time this year.

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