For anyone who missed the 2014 Series jersey order deadline, here’s your second chance:    Online orders will be open until October 19th with a mid-December delivery date…perfect Christmas present for yourself or cycling friend!

Series Jersey 2014 2014-06-30 at 6.31.24 PM


Birmingham Bike Club2013-01-26 at 10.42.25 AM

The September 6th Birmingham Bicycle Club’s 41st Annual Century was another huge Series success with their number of century riders up to 134 from 89!  Total registration took a leap from 158 last year to 218 this time!

A few stats after our first 7 events:

  • 9 cyclists have completed all 7 centuries so far!
  • 12 have pedaled 6 out of those 7!
  • 16 have accomplished 5 of them!
  • 31 have ridden 4 centuries out of 7!
  • 52 succeeded in finishing 3  100-milers!
  • 91 have completed 2 of our century options!


Beginning with our 7 out of 10 Centuries DONE (sorry we missed a photo of Rick Swagler so stealing one from Hot Hundred!) Congratulations to these 9 Alabamians who are obviously reaching for the goal of completing all 10 centuries!  

Alexandra Kamman:text Bradley Garrett:text Calvin Hall:text Greg Bowen:text Morgot Andison:text Rick Swagler:text.jpg Ted Goode:text Tony Robbins Vic Camp:text

These men and women have pedaled over 600 ABCS miles with 6 of our centuries DONE!

Barry Cato
Bill Stockton
Brian Smith
Cecil Kwong
Greg Brinkman
Jason Robins
Kathryn Thornton
Kathy Welch
Markus Wagner
Paul Laborde
Stan Muse
Thomas Fluker

Brian-BBC  Jason Robins:text  Kathryn Thornton:text  Michelle Lagel & Kathy Welch:text  Markus:text  Paul Laborde  Susi Bowermaster&Thomas Fluker:text

Notice that quite a number of these folks were among the first group to come in at the BBC Century:  First In


Here are the names and some photos of the 16 Centurions who have accomplished 5 centuries so far: 

Christopher Grund
Dale Robertson
David Emery
Don Polk
Edward O Shipman
Jeff Schrimscher
Jeffrey Wilson
John Halsey
Joseph Creel
Joseph Pate
Ken Moore
Ken Swanson
Paul Holsinger
Russell Fulmer
Stephen Perkins
Travis Self

Dale Robertson:text  Don Polk:text  Edward O. Shipman:text  John Halsey:text  Paul Holsinger:text  Russell Fulmer  Travis Self

 And now, with 4 centuries DONE, these were our BBC Centurions who took home the patch! 

Barry Holmes
Barry Parker
Bart West
Bill Mayo
Bonnie Traphan
Brenda Robbins
Bryan Strickland
David Adams
Emeterio Hernandez
Eric Murray
Greg Caldwell
Greg New
Jim Reburn
John Beaird
Jonathan Torre
Junaid Memon
Kimberly Cox
Lance Classen
Mary Gilmer
Patrick Brock
Robert Traphan
Roberto Aldo Yburan
Ronnie Ashley
Sonja Rieger
Stephen Browne
Stephen Hays
Terry Grizzard
Tim Hall
Vicky Reburn
William Cox
William Lockridge

Robert&Bonnie4  David Adams:text  Greg Caldwell:text  Vicki Reburn:text  Junaido Memon:text  William & Kimberly Coxtext  William Lockridge & Mary Gilmer:text  Patrick Brock:text  Stephen Browne:text  Tim Hall:text



The list of “3 Centuries DONE” is GROWING!  We’re looking forward to awarding patches to these folks at the Huntsville ALL YOU CAN EAT CENTURY! 

Allen Folse
Al Schlosser
Alan Sanders
Andie Thompson
Barbara Gower
Bert Hutson
Brian DeGaetano
Bryan Chace
Charles McCain
Cindy Pounds
Clive Bigsby
Daniel Earnest
David Wanhatalo
Edwin Schevey
Evelyn Stephens
Gerald Muench
Gerome Gacula
Glenn Baird
James Jackson
Jason Smith
Jesse Smith
Jim Dobbs
John Waits
John Zupancich
Joseph Ray
Ken McOmber
Kenneth Newsome
Kimberly Wynn
Larry Murphy
Larry VanHorn
Lindsey Griffin
Lori Helms
Malcolm Byrd
Max Britton
Michele Montgomery
Mike Ferguson
Pamela Kennedy
Pamela Lindsley
Paul McCracken
Robert Johnson
Robert Montgomery
Roger Larsen
Sean Benjamin
Shane Schwarzman
Steven Haskins
Susan Muench
Thomas Schwerin Jr
Wainscott Hollis
Walter Kennedy
Will Sparks
William (Billy) Ritch

Al Scholsser:text  Barbara Gower:text  Bryan Chace:text  Susan&Gerald Muench:text   Jason&Jesse Smith:text  John Waits:text  Ken McOmber:text  Max Britton:text


And finally, we have a HUGE list of cyclists who have ridden 2 of the century rides so far and have three more opportunities to take home the 2014 embroidered patch: Be sure to click on the BBC menu button (top of this page) to see more photos from the 2014 event to be posted soon!  Please use the comment form to let us know any missing names.

Alan Beasley
Allen Yates
Angie Bartlett
Bill Mundy
Blake Owen
Bob Davis
Bob Hereth
Brandon Ponds
Brian Pate
Carey Jinright
Cathy Pagani
Chad Briggs
Chip Harrison
Christian Gann
Christopher Hill
Christopher Messick
Corkey McFarland
Courtney Crowder
Dana Hornady
Dave Crain
David Barringer
David Blunier
David Hoppe
David Moak
David Moseley
David Smalley
David Smith
Denise Ryland
Diana Gough
Dirtdog (Dan) Watson
Doug Littrell
Douglas Daughhetee
Douglas Mitchell
Dwayne Jamieson
Eddie Owens
Elizabeth Taylor
Fulton Ramsey
Gil Kracke
Greg Hartley
Greg Sweeney
Gregg Bray
James Johnson
Jason Steidel
Jennifer Kuklinski
Jennifer Talley
Jim Carter
Jim Cockrell
Jim Cogar
Jody Coombs
John Schwab
Jon Rasmussen
Kamper Floyd
Karen Clanton
Karen Higgins
Kenneth German
Kenneth McDaniel
Kurt Webb
Laura Milligan
Louis Pfau
Louis Schwarzman
Marnie Erdman
Matt Jaeh
Michael Horton
Michael Staley
Michelle Lagle
Mike Flowers
Paul Pitts
Ramona Bryant
Randy Charles
Ray Harrison
Rick Forehand
Rickey Anderson
Rob Braun
Scott Askins
Scott Eason
Scott Staubach
Selby Holler
Seth Muench
Shawn Holmes
Stephen Secor
Steve Patterson
Steven Hodges
Terri Sullivan
Tim Real
Tina Hicks
Wayner Spooner
Wes Schaeffer
William Wolfe

Apologies for any errors on photos or lists!!!  The centurion lists have really grown (yes, achieving our goal!) and it’s so easy to miss someone!  Please use the comment form below for any corrections.You can find the list of all century riders from each event in the far right column of this page!


Our Purpose:

  • To promote the growth and development of long-distance cycling in the state of Alabama, encourage participation in established Alabama century (100-mile) rides, recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments, and benefit the charities and advocacy efforts supported by each of these events.

The Challenge:

  • Complete at least four of the Alabama Centuries (100-mile options)  in the Series.

The Rewards:

  • Receive a collectible “Centurion” Finisher’s Medal for each (100-mile) century you complete.
  • Upon completion of four century rides in the Series, receive an embroidered patch in the shape of Alabama, indicating each event location.
  • Plus, your name will be listed as Centurion on each event website and on this DISCOVER ALABAMA BACKROADS  website.





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  1. Barry Holmes says:

    I think the jersey’s are an excellent idea. Thanks for all the hard workk. Had a great time this year.

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